Avery Island’s Album Review Information

December 24, 2009 at 4:06 AM (Avery Island//Music) (, )

Here at AI, we like to talk about albums. We like to critique them. And most of all, we like to tell people about it. Basically, we review albums as we see fit soon before/after their release and bring our thoughts to you. As far as duties go, Alex and Trevor share Indie and Hip Hop detail, while Alex takes on Punk and Trevor takes on Metal; every once in a while, we’ll have a contributor to tell you about an album if he/she feels especially strongly about it.

As far as scoring goes, we do a 0-10 scale, using decimal places to emphasis just how acutely our scientific measurements of quality are taken in. In all honesty, the numerical score is an abstraction and should not be taken seriously, but we do it to show nitpicks. Basically, 1-4 is terrible, 5-6 is average, 7 to 8 is above average, and 9-10 is fantastic to flawless.


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