Jake Wheeler: Protest the Hero – Scurrilous Preview

Oh, it’s been three long years. Here we are. We are Scurrilous. Well, maybe Protest the Hero is; grossly or obscenely abusive or defamatory. They are arguably the most abusive band of their fans that you might find regularly short of GWAR, but they’re good guys. It’s hard to be terribly aggressive when one grows up in the great northern wilderness of Canadia. Marijuana is culturally acceptable. No wonder they never go to war unless it’s in the name of saving the Elks or woodland creatures.

Scurrilous is a departure from what a regular Protest the Hero listener might expect from their favorite Mathcore group, but it’s hard to say that Scurrilous is bad on it’s own merit. Rody Walker, the lead vocalist, returns as the main contributor for lyrical inspiration on Scurrilous. For the previous two albums, Fortress and Kezia, Arif Mirabdolghi brought the thematic zest and flavor which focused more so on conceptual and spiritual influences and observations on the human condition. Rody’s lyrics are perhaps a bit more personally and politically charged than since their first EP release, A Calculated Use of Sound.

Don’t get all worked up, the album isn’t out yet, but from what I’ve heard of the album, it’s pretty good. The instrumentation is as good as always. Seems as though the band in the back wanted to focus more on making more aggressive riffing passages focused on speed and mechanical precision. The combination of the speed-based riffs and delicately constructed choruses always entertains the ear and mind.

Place your ear to the ground and await for the gallop to meet the earth.


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