Best Guest Verses of 2010

As huge hip hop fans, its terrific to see that 2010 was filled with great hip hop: Kanye, Big Boi, The Roots, Rick Ross, Curren$y, etc. But what really stood out this year were the surfeit of terrific guest verses. On this list, we honor the best-of-the-best on people guesting on other artist’s tracks; this is Avery Island’s Favorite Guest Verses of the Year.

05. Blu on “Radio Daze” by The Roots

Its been a couple years since his album with Exile, so its good to hear Blu back in the game. Always known for his intelligence and straight-forward sociopolitical statements, Blu sticks to what he knows on his verse, but delivers a tight, earnest, and thought-provoking rap on an album filled with nothing but.

04. Cyhi da Prince on “So Appalled” by Kanye West

Releasing the damn fine Royal Flush earlier in the year, Cyhi da Prince was poised to make a splash, being known underground for almost two solid years now. On “So Appalled”, he owns the track, saying “if God had an iPod, I’d be on his playlist.” We can’t really argue with that.

03. Domo Genesis on “Brain” by Mellowhype

Ah, heres the sleeper hit of the list. Lots of people have ignored Mellowhype in favor of Earl or Tyler, but make no mistake, BLACKENEDWHITE is a great album, and on “Brain”, fellow Odd Futurist Domo Genesis delivers a virgin-tight verse that puts major label rappers to shame.

02. Yelawolf on “You Ain’t No DJ” by Big Boi

White rappers aren’t as rare as you’d think, but most of them stick to the underground, from El-P to Cage. Not Yelawolf; released raunchy club-rap for a good while now, he finally proved himself on Big Boi’s “You Ain’t No DJ”, delivering great wordplay through an off-kilter flow, making his verse on the track the best on the entire album.

01. Nicki Minaj on “Monster” by Kanye West

Nicki Minaj will never be able to repeat this success ever again; representing basically the best thing shes done, it took everyone by surprise. For one, not many people like her, including us. Shes also never been the strongest rapper; usually, she lets her voices do all the work. But her verse on “Monster” is nothing short of killer, and when it dropped back in August, we already knew nothing could touch. And nothing did.


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