Best New Artist of 2010

Last year had plenty of terrific albums, many of them being debut albums from brand new bands. Today, were honoring the best of the best and giving our Top 5 list for Avery Island’s Favorite New Artists of 2010.

05. Fang Island

Hey, these guys like us! After posting Mason’s review on their website, you know we have to give props to Fang Island. Not that we needed the props; they’re an easy band to recommend. Simple math-rock about fireworks and high  fives: what’s not to like? While every hipster is busy moping about, its just awesome to hear some guys having fun living their dream.

04. Surfer Blood

Astrocoast is an easy album to like and Surfer Blood are an easy band to love. They make simple, hook-laden guitar music; no catch, just good music. With an earnest take on 90s Weezer power-pop, Surfer Blood are poised to become even bigger in the coming years as every year gives us less and less true-blue guitar pop.

03. Janelle Monae

While technically not the “newest” new artist around, The ArchAndroid was her debut album; and what an album it is. Although, if there were any reason she finds herself here, it’s the terrific pair of singles that are “Cold War” and especially “Tightrope” that make Ms. Monae one of the most ambitious and talented visionaries from last year.

02. Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells are a terrific success story; a hardcore kid waits on the chick from Nickelodeon magazine commercials and makes the best noise pop in years. You can’t make that up. But really it’s their confidence, skills, and just plain terrific music that make Sleigh Bells the out-of-nowhere hit they are.

01. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Odd Future have been around since 2008, but it wasn’t until last year that they truly made a splash; and what a splash it was. On Radical, Tyler, the Creator brags about “20,000 views on ‘French’ itself”. That line seems practically quaint now that “YONKERS” garnered 350,000 views on Youtube by the end of the weekend it was released.

Bastard, EARL, BLACENEDWHITE, and their mixtape Radical al contain some of the darkest, funniest, and most engaging music released in 2010. But what really earns them the top spot is their massive impact; what other unsigned internet act gets a Jimmy Fallon spot? Well, these swagged-out little bastards, that’s who.


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