Kanye West – Power

“Power” takes some time to get used, but by all rights, it shouldn’t. Something about the song makes it a bit tough to accept; maybe it’s Kanye’s new accented delivery, maybe it’s the grand-scale rock worship, or maybe it’s just that we haven’t heard the poor guy actually rap in quite some time. Whatever it is, “Power” is a pretty rough single. It’s almost 5 minutes long, it’s beat is single-minded, it’s vocals are low into the mix, and yet again, Kanye sounds a bit out of it.

But none of this seems to really matter to him. We haven’t heard much from Mr. West (which I’m sure you just read in the voice of Bernie Mac, R.I.P.) and he definitely seems to notice, but with the time inbetween Graduation and now, it seems he’s pretty much sick of the world he lives in, one where men taunt him or worship wherever he goes, one where his mistakes turn into calamities, and one where even his source of inspiration, his mother, can be taken from him in an instant. He is rebuilding himself from the ground up, and it hurts.

When he shouts “No one man should have have all that power”, it’s pretty hard to not think that he is referring to himself, but in the context of the song, he seems to place all of his troubles upon a faceless monolith, cursing him while being a bit of a bragger in his own right. Although, for the first time, he seems to be aware of his contradictions, placing the entire power struggle into the context of King Crimson’s “21stCentury Schizoid Man”, a song decrying Vietnam and Spiro Agnew. Not exactly subtle, but effective, which is a statement that can be applied to the whole song. Kanye isn’t back, but if this song is any sign, when he does get here, it’ll be the second coming  of Hip-hop.

Score: B+

by Trevor “the Red King (Zelda Reference)” Johnson


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