Trevor’s Corner 3: My Most Anticipated Albums of 2010

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about 2009, but fuck that; it’s 2010 now. Where’s my flying car? Where’s my self-lacing Nikes like in Back To The Future Part II? Well, while we’re waiting on those, I can wait on some albums that I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on. Here’s my most anticipated albums of the year that is.

Contra by Vampire Weekend

This is an easy one. Everyone is waiting to hear more from 2008’s premier guitar pop/afrobeat group, with Ezra Koenig teasing us with the insanely catchy “Cousins”, no easy feat after “Horchata” seemed to give everyone a bit of a scare. Even so, the mystique has risen to almost mythological levels, with a rip still almost no where to be found, even only 9 days from release. Everyone’s got their salivary glands just gushing in anticipation, and I’m no different. Vampire Weekend was one of the best debut albums of 2008, if not the best, and simply getting confirmation from “Cousins” that Koenig and crew haven’t lost it, makes me wonder who could withhold their excitement? Not me, so much so that it’s the first think I even thought of for this “list”.

n/a by Justice

If you’re anything like me, you never really enjoyed Daft Punk. I know how influential they are, I know how important they are, but for all intents and purposes, I can’t get into them. That’s what makes my attraction to Justice all the more surprising to me; it seems like these two we’re raised on the world’s most famous electronic act. Well, these two Frenchies seem to have a score to settle, because the sheer talent on display on their debut almost sounds like their telling the DP to Shove it. Their beats are layered, their sounds are mired in Heavy Metal personae, and the way they can make a bass slap and a hand clap go together is simply magical. After 2008’s Planisphere, which was rife with confidence and triumph, it’s hard not to expect tons from these two’s next big release.

n/a by Radiohead

Yeah, this is pretty obvious. Who isn’t excited for the sheer possibility of this album coming out this year? Say whatever you want about Radiohead, best band since the Beatles, not even close, overrated shit, but if you’re anything like me or anyone else on the Avery Island staff, you love you some Radiohead. After all, these are the guys that gave us The Bends, OK Computer, and Kid A back-to-back-to-back. They took a bit of misstep (especially on the scatterbrained Hail to the Thief), but a return to form on In Rainbows, easily their most underrated album gets my hopes up quite a bit. How can they top what many people call the best album they’ve put out? And remember, they say this over all the other albums I listed. If they pull it off, why on God’s green Earth wouldn’t they be the best band since the Beatles?

n/a by The Avalanches

Yeah, yeah, it’s been being called year after year for close to a decade now, but I’ve got high hopes for this year; sure, we haven’t even heard a peep of any new material in years, but a promise of “maybe 2010” is of good as one as we’re going to get. It might be almost 9 years now since Since I Left You, and that album still has regular rotation on my disc changer. I fucking love it, and if they were to even simply acknowledge that it will come out this year, I’ll be shooting through the roof. Sample-heavy Breakbeat has become a huge staple of modern music since they left us, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t still the best example of the genre’s peak. Please guys. Make this the year. Please?

n/a by Battles

The future is now people, and what better way to ring in the new decade than with the music of the future. In 2006, people swore it was 2015; Battles have that kind of forward-thinking power, and if Mirrored was any indication, the next album should push us somewhere between 2020 and the end of the world. Hell, even thoughts of fire and brimstone couldn’t make my anticipation for the coming years to wane, especially when I can spend it with the sounds of new Battles ringing in my ear. It’s been 4 years since “Atlas” dominated my playlists, and if they come even close to one-upping the best song of 2006, I’ll get on my knees and pray, because it means there really is a God up there, and he loves me.

Before I begin to simply ramble, let me remind of all the other things that might come out this year:

Arcade Fire

The Knife

Surfer Blood





Aphex Twin



I can’t wait…



  1. Alex said,

    hehe… Wisp. Here’s one big woot for the first comment in Avery Island history! WOOOT!

    Now if only we could get real people to leave real comments…

  2. Mason said,


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