Tyler, the Creator – YONKERS

Tyler, the Creator, a.k.a Wolf Haley, a.k.a. Ace Creator, a.k.a. the leader of Odd Future. While he isn’t an entirely new subject with Bastard dropping back in the last fringes of 2009, he and his gang of wolves are still a sensation over a year later. In internet years, thats about 15. However, one listen of “YONKERS” from his upcoming album GOBLIN will show you why: darker than black humor, a keen, sullen production sense, and the rapping ability of a fiend. He spits lines out with an anarchic growl of an asthmatic voice (“Fuck money, diamonds, and bitches/don’t need ’em”) and does so over a beat with bass as low as Bohren and his Club of Gore and a devil-tapping synth line for the silent chorus.

The best part of the song, apart from the terrific pathos-ridden rap, the lurching, unrelenting production, and the shocking video, is how it sums up Tyler’s entire, young career so easily and so vividly. It’s all there and out in the open from his violent temper, his hatred of mainstream culture, his devotion to the childish id (He even references Adventure Time), and his mad genius that’s about ready to boil over into the consciousness of every devoted hip hop fan on the planet. About 8 months ago with the release of Radical, he bragged about 20,000 views on his video for “French”: “Yonkers” hit 320,000 in two days. If that isn’t an edict on Odd Future’s influence so far, I don’t know what is.

Scroll down for the video featured on Odd Future’s blog. The song is now available on iTunes as well.



by Trevor “Witness to the execution of Bruno Mars” Johnson


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